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First of all, Ship Chandler Singapore are the number one company that professionally supplies food in Thai ports, your needs are delivered to your ships, taking into account all hygiene rules and without breaking the cold chain. From the moment you place the order, Ship Chandler Singapore expert team carefully examines all the works and makes a great effort to ensure that there is no deficiency and informs you when the supply is finished. The port of Singapore has many tropical fruits and vegetables that you will not find in many countries of the world, and these products are delivered fresh to your ship.

Ship Chandler Singapore meat, fish and chicken products are long-lasting and most of them are local products. All kinds of dry food, frozen products and canned food are provided immediately upon your request.
Today, Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that can be supplied at the most affordable prices, because many fruits and vegetables are grown in our country due to its natural beauties and arable lands, we have adopted it as our duty to present them to you.

Ship Chandler Singapore product range includes all kinds of food and cleaning products your ship needs, all you have to do is contact us for the best prices and the best service.

Today, due to the global crisis in the world, prices have become very expensive in many countries of the world and it has become essential to save, you can provide this opportunity by contacting us, all you have to do is contact us via e-mail and we will price your requests in the best way.
Today, all professional shipping companies find their own suppliers, at least 30% commission is paid for supplies from agencies or other sources, you have to find your own supplier to get rid of this, we claim to be the best supplier for Singapore ports, Ship Chandler Singapore expect you to contact us for all your needs.

Our Provisions

  • - Fresh and Frozen Meat
  • - Chickens
  • - Fishes
  • - Many Kind Seafoods
  • - Fresh Vegetables
  • - Fresh Furits
  • - Canned Producks
  • - Soft Drinks
  • - Eggs
  • - Mineral Waters
  • - Seasoning and spices
  • - Dry Foods

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