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Ship Chandler Singapore
Since 1982

As Ship Chandler Singapore, we provide all the products that ships need in a fast, healthy and affordable price. Ship Chandler Singapore is at your service with its expert team for all the food, clothing, safety, mechanical and all products you can think of on your ships. Ship Chandler Singapore has been trying to provide this service to its customers in the highest quality for many years. As Ship Chandler Singapore company, which observes 100% customer satisfaction, we try to keep the costs of our products at affordable prices. You know how important food needs are on ships. You can quickly obtain our products that are carefully protected in cold storage. At the same time, you will be able to buy fresh vegetables and fruits as if they were freshly picked from the field.

Ship Chandler Singapore Company

Ship Chandler Singapore provides not only food but also machinery parts, ship accessories, necessary materials related to occupational safety and other products for you. All you have to do is send us a list of the products you need for your ship. After the list reaches us, the most suitable offer is sent to you. After our offer is approved, your products are carefully prepared and delivered to your ship. You can return the products you do not want at the time of delivery. Our aim is to make your work easier with all our products and the service we provide.

With the awareness that “the success and safety of every mission depends on the provision of the needed materials, materials and equipment as soon as possible”; We offer the fastest, reliable and efficient supply to commercial, cruise, navy and offshore vessels.

We guarantee to meet all the needs of your ships and their valued officers and crews.

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